Terms and conditions

Terms of cancellation

Please find below the amount of charged fees in case of cancellation.

You can cancel your reservation by clicking the link at the bottom of your confirmation e-mail and by following the instructions displayed on your screen.
If your reservation includes a booking fee, please note that these aren’t refundable. It is recommended to cancel as soon as possible once the cause of cancellation has occurred.

Cancellation fees

Cancellation is free 48h before the arrival date. If cancelled later or in case of a no show at the hotel, the first night without extras will be charged with no refund.

In case of a cancellation, if you have paid all or part of the reservation online, this amount will be refunded after deduction of the cancellation fees (at the exception of the non-refundable and the non-cancellable offers).

Free cancellation 48h before the arrival of the customer. After this delay, the first night of the stay will be cashed.


The fees are displayed VAT included. The tourist tax and the local taxes may be charged extras.

Time of arrival / Time of departure

The time of your room availability is as indicated below.

On the day of your departure, you must vacate your room by the time indicated below. Billing for an additional night may be the result of non-compliance with this time limit.

It is recommended to use the “Comments or complementary information” box on the booking form to warn of your estimated time of arrival, especially if it is late.

Time of arrival (starting from): 2pm

Time limit of your departure: 12am

Payment et billing currency

No payment in guarantee. The number of the credit card is required but the card will not be debited.

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